i am blacklisted in steem why same on hive

in #hive4 years ago (edited)

This is just insane that i am blacklisted in steem , unfortunately i am blacklisted in Hive too please program it again and change the setting , i am not spammer , i support all steemians giving them free vote and encourage them to earn money online , This is just insane please remove this blacklist tag from my account.
I already very disturbed by steemcleaner behavior with me , imagine a person who is holding 15k steem powr and now hive power is blacklisted without any solid reason , a man with 15k power who is distributing free upvote , alas no one care me i am so ill no one support me alas.


What did you do to get blacklisted??

Did they give you the Hive airdrop??

I did not get my airdrop, and I don't even know why!!

I hope they reverse your blacklist, a new beginning should be just that a new beginning!!

@spaminator stop it im really fed up