Hive's Zealy Marketing Campaign | 5k HBD, 100k SPS, 100k HP delegation, and more Rewards!

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Do you want to help us grow the Hive ecosystem?

Then this campaign is for you!

  • Join the marketing platform
  • Finish Quests
  • Climb the leaderboard
  • Help Hive grow in active users
  • Claim your rewards at the end of the campaign

👉🏼Join the Marketing platform!

December's Marketing Campaign:

🗓️ When:

  • From: November 27 at 00:01 UTC
  • To: December 22 at 23:59

🏆 Reward Pool:

  • 5,000 HBD Pool.
  • 100k Hive Power Pool in delegations for a month.
  • 100k Leo Power Pool in delegations for a month.
  • 100k SPS tokens.
  • 30 InLeo Premium for a month.
  • 1k $POSH tokens.
  • 10k $ZING tokens.
  • 10k WOO bucks.

🛠️ What:

  • The Quests (missions/tasks) will revolve around Hive, and web2: X (Twitter), Instagram, TikTok and Youtube outreach. We need web2 to promote Hive so it will be a big part of the campaign.
  • You don't need to have an account on every web2 social media platform, but if you do, it will be easier to finish the Quests.

📬 Reward Distribution:

  • The distribution details will be published by December 5th at noon UTC.
  • They will be distributed on December 23rd before midnight UTC.

Don't miss this big opportunity to help us grow the Hive Ecosystem and earn rewards in the process!

👉🏼Join the Campaign!

We want to thank @theycallmedan, @yabapmatt, @bookerman, and @acidyo for chipping in to the reward pool of the campaign. If you are not following them, go do it now!

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Looking forward to seeing how this goes, I hope to do my best in promoting hive 🥰.


@leogrowth! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @hopestylist. (1/1)


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this will definitely will be top-notch, looking forward to see how beautiful it will be.

Yay! Here we go again. Looking forward to this and it's finally here. Let's go LIONS.

In this one I will try to be much more active if the internet connection allows it.

Reward Distribution:

The distribution details will be published by December 5th at noon UTC.

The fifth will be interesting.
Good luck to all those participating.

Celebrating Xmas earlier this year :)

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Welcome back to Zealy December Compaign, my waiting dream Compaign

This is good news and I'm in for it. Let's do more this time around guys

This is interesting and top notch. I will want to be involved. Lets see.

we are there already, let's go

Awesome, we've got ya back, we're in again and no turning back

This is wonderful ❤️
It's indeed a great opportunity to let people know about hive.
This will be my first time joining the campaign.

stop talking...

you had me at WOOBUCKS

#woo #woogame @wrestorgonline

Awesome! I will be joining on this too!

Time to rise and shine lions. We are up again, ready to move. Let's make a good deal out of December

Ever ready, let,s go friends

Its great to be part of this marketing campign for Hive.... LFG

i am definitely in for this really quest, I am already seeing how interesting it is going to be.
Can't wait for the last day, but before then let's enjoy the quest.

So many awesome project tokens are in this reward pool, very awesome to see.

I wish good luck to everyone participating!

Lets start!, good luck for all!

Grow it like it's hot.

Let us do it, super excited. Would be some fun now on threads. Best of luck 🤞 to all and let us roar wild.

I joined Zealy and connected 4 ways with it and I still cant proceed forward:

Go to the hive community, click on settings and add your hive username to the wallet section fren

Hey there, thanks for the campaign, just checking in to see which wallet do we connect with Zealy to start earning XP. Not sure which ecosystem's address they need hmmm.

Go to the Hive community and then go to settings, in there you will be able to add your hive username (wallet) :D

This is huge and I am sure it will bring masses to hive. best of luck everyone with the campaign.

Let's make it bigger..

This is a very good one, let keep it rolling.

We up again. Let’s go! 💨💪

Good luck 😀👍

As long as I can promote Hive AND my company's proposal at the same time I'm in. (Need to get better at that anyway)

That was very awesome, i'll be joining this 🤗Greetings

Awesome.. lets go...

if you want to see an Inleo Operator Collection launch we can contribute some rewards hollar, could be similar to this mint starting in a few hours on BASE chain

great, opportunities like this will definitely increase the growth of this platform


I have already joined the campaign and yesterday I made my video where I invite other users to join. However, I'm trying to access your discord server and it tells me that my account has been verified, but it won't let me go any further from there. I need to know how to go about completing the daily tasks.

Let's go! Count me in this time @leogrowth

Interesting, it sounds so nice 👍🙂.