Tip: Earn passive income by frontrunning large trails

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Disclaimer: I'm one of many curators curating for Curie. However, this post is purely personal opinion.

Firstly, you should absolutely support all curators and curation projects on Hive. Given how the current system is, and how flawed it is, this is literally the only tool we have currently to retain content creators and consumers. I'd also recommend supporting curation projects that focus on comments, as that'll also retain engagement, but at this time I'm not aware of any. Curie did run a comment contest, but that was funded by top 20 witness revenues and had to be discontinued when it dropped out.

By supporting curation initiatives, you increase the efficiency of engaging content being rewarded on Hive, which in turn a) Retains content creators on Hive; and b) Attracts new creators to Hive. One of the biggest complaints why Steem had such a high attrition rate is because people were demoralized by highly inefficient allocation of rewards. On the flipside, there was a big boom quality content and engagement in June 2017 because that's when curation was the most efficient in Steem's history, only to fade away with bid bots and irresponsible Steemit Inc delegations to scammy developers. This is just anecdotal evidence, sure, but it should surprise no one that legit activity on Steem historically has always been correlated with efficacy of curation. DYOR though, delegate to curation projects that actually curate effectively.

All of that is a long way of saying... If you're a whale and believe in the future of your HIVE, invest in Hive by investing in better curation. I'd recommend checking out @c-squared as a promising project that can do with some large delegations.

OK, now back to specifics. Maybe you aren't benevolent, and don't care about the big picture, you just want to make some money short/medium term. You can still make big money while at the same time supporting Curie.

How? It's pretty simple, get a fast voting bot, follow @curie. Every vote @curie makes, is followed by a ~2 million HP trail from Hive.vote (sometimes more, sometimes less, but that's the average). Now, Hive.vote is a great service, but it's trail follows pretty slowly, and it takes several minutes for all the votes to get in. That's it, that's the secret, get your vote in before Hive.vote's trail comes in, and you're frontrunning the largest trail on Hive (at least, according to Hive.vote). Curie focuses more on undervalued posts and undiscovered authors, so the curation rewards potential increases that way too. No one seems to have caught on to this yet, so there's no competition. This is actually an old trick from back in the day in 2016, where the likes of laonie and wang were competing tooth and nail to be the first in line to follow @curie. Obviously, the trail is much smaller now than in 2016, but like I said it's still one of, if not the largest frontrunning opportunity on Hive currently. I will note that even if you're trailing on Hive.vote, you'll still get a pretty nice curation reward, due to the large trail, but to maximize your rewards you'll need to be front of the train.

What kind of rewards can you expect? If you run a fast bot that can follow @curie within 3 seconds (I can tell you from experience that this is easily doable on a cheap VPS), you can earn at least 15 HP per month for every 1K HP you follow with. This is an APR of around 20%, well above any delegations to shady bidbots and the like. At the same time, you get to support a curation project with multiple curators curating across a diverse range of communities. And the best thing is - you can continue using your HP! It's not delegating to anyone, you're simply following the trail. Do note, however, that the more HP you follow with, the more you have diminishing returns, as the proportion of your vote contribution on the post decreases. Also, if people actually listen and act upon this post, then there'll be increased competition for front-running.

Now, the question remains is - how do you run a fast bot? I'm going to leave this bit to you. I'll say, though, that there are plenty of options - there was one on the trending page just a couple of days ago. A little research will go a long way. Or if you know some basic python, you can make your own bot with hive-py.

Does all of this look too dicy and you want a safer way to support Curie while at the same time making a decent income? No matter, you can delegate to @curie through Dlease, netting a guaranteed 9.16% APR over a long period of time. Feel free to get in touch with svemirac#8984 over on Discord, he'll set you up with a Dlease delegation for as high an amount as you'd like, for as long as you'd like.


If I follow Curie curation trail with Hive.vote do I set the timer to vote at 0 seconds per default or at 4 minutes.

You'd definitely want to be as fast as possible, the earlier you are in the vote list, the greater your curation rewards.

Thanks I will give it a try.... I definitely don’t make as much as I could from Curation. .... 12 Steem per week compared to your 24 Steem....

Do the Hive.vote defaults give the best results ? Vote 50% at zero seconds ?

Yes, but like I mention, Hive.vote is actually pretty slow, so for best results, you'd need a faster bot. If you don't have access to one, voting at zero seconds on Hive.vote is best.

Thanks. I am no techie ... I have no idea how or where to find a faster bot. I usually just set my Fan vote at 4 minutes for the very best original Artists here on Hive .... that seems to bet me 20 Steem per week these days.

Aloha @liberosist!

I don't understand how to use @curie to get my vote in before Hive.vote's trail comes in. I'm still new here and need more experience to understand the whole voting system in detail.

I have also noticed that the posts of authors who keep coming back to the trending page, get high rewards among the newly created posts only after a few minutes. How does that work? Most of the time they only get votes, but nobody comments on these posts. So I think that these posts are probably not even read. In my opinion this is fraud!

It seems to me a little bit unfair to newcomers like me. To get attention and votes I need to comment the posts of other users. But the post itself usually remains unnoticed if you look under just created posts.

Another example is why has somebody with 65K HP (@curie) a higher vote value than somebody with 78K HP (@krnel)?

I thought the higher your HivePower the higher your influence and therefore vote value.

I'd appreciate an explanation.

May the Good be with you!

The voting system is basically a contest of who can get there votes in early. So, if you vote on a post, predicting that there'll be large votes coming in after, you'll maximize your curation rewards.

I have also noticed that the posts of authors who keep coming back to the trending page, get high rewards among the newly created posts only after a few minutes. How does that work? Most of the time they only get votes, but nobody comments on these posts. So I think that these posts are probably not even read. In my opinion this is fraud!

This is what I was trying to say, currently curation is very inefficient. A lot of those votes are autovotes, so the voters have set to vote for the same people over and over again. Voters can choose to vote however they wish, of course, but that's just bad curation that as you point out demoralizes newcomers. Instead, it'd be much better if the voters delegated to curators who will find the good, unrewarded posts.

Another example is why has somebody with 65K HP (@curie) a higher vote value than somebody with 78K HP (@krnel)?

This is just the base amount the accounts have powered up. Then, there are delegations and follows, which add on to the vote. You'll see that @curie has an additional +200K in delegations, so that adds on to @curie's base vote. And then there are other accounts following, which add another +2M on average through Hive.vote. If you can get in between @curie and these Hive.vote votes, then you'll stand to maximize your curation rewards.

I know it can all be strange for newcomers, and it is indeed a weird system. I'd like to see the system overhauled, but until that happens, my point stands - we need to support curators with HP.

Thanks for the explanation.

In the future I will try to educate people as much as possible about the truth.
Besides the existing problems in our society and in our political and monetary system, I will mainly focus on problem solving, which is what my project Protopolis will be about.
The goal is to create a blueprint of a city-state for a free and non-monetary society without the inconveniences, but all pleasant things of this system.
A roadmap will follow hopefully tomorrow or after tomorrow!

The problems are listed and discussed, but few people are making progress with solutions to these problems. This problem-solving culture must be revived. We need creative proposals for solutions if something is to change for the better.

Only by discussing nothing changes!


2.5 years and counting, and the data feeder to the curie comment contest. Has been sponsored in the past by curie (thanks) and esteemapp, and if I had a HIVE for every kind comment regarding the post... 😁

Better get started on this weeks.

Good to see Engagement League back on Hive!


Sorry, I'd just woken up and didn't really focus on the main point of your post. I do think that everyone should be following a curation trail or delegating to a curation project. I personally don't have the time to run through the feeds and the many eyes we have working for these projects do a much better job at finding quality content and new authors to hopefully stick to the hive.

Yes, exactly, not everyone has the time or skill to curate effectively. It's in Hive's best interest to allocate HP effectively to the best curators.

I had some personal issues with a number of top Curie curators and some of the folks that were in charge there a year or so ago, (although considering how greedy some of them were i assume they left during the bear run)...

But yeah, what you said here stands and i just delegated a 1000 HP to @c-squared. I always thought that Mark and Carl were the top of the top when it came to curation.

Well, thanks a ton for the delegation. We will put it to good use for sure.

Sorry to hear that you had issues with some of the curators in Curie, for me, they are a great bunch

Carl and I were two of the 'top' curators in Curie along with the likes of liberosist, milosm, alcibiades, teofilex, lordkingpotato etc. That doesn't necessarily mean we were the best curators though, just the best at following the curie guidelines for curation at the time :) . All of the curie curators put a lot of time and effort into searching the blockchain for unrewarded authors and the whole group should be recognised for the efforts they put in.

What issues did you have? As far as I can tell, most of the top curators are still here. In fact, I'm the one who went away between 2018-19. I vaguely recall some communities Curie was supporting were doing poor curation, but they were removed after an audit. Anyway, let me know, I'll do whatever I can to make sure there's never any issues and Curie remains committed to quality curation and community building.

Also, are you sure they were "top curators"? I recall back in 2016/17 we had some people claiming to be Curie hotshots when they were just one of a hundred other curators. Also, there's no one "in charge", as its a community project, so I'm guessing there's some misunderstanding, or someone was lying to you. I suppose that's the downside of a community project.

That was a long time ago. I cant really remember the names nor would i want to share them after so much time...
Just an example.
I remember there was something where you had to prove yourself that you were a good curator before you became a curie curator. You had to send posts to your mentor that was a top curator there. There was one top curator that after learning who your mentor was would tell you to send him/her the posts instead and that they would put a "good word" in for you. lol
I think this was after you stepped back a bit. Its all a bit fuzzy if im honest but i remember there was favoritism from those making calls on what will be curated based on which curator proposed it.

This was all when steem price was fairly high compared to today so you could make a decent paycheck from curation.

These are all internal things, insignificant in the grand scheme of things which turned me off from Curie but on the outside and with the work Curie was doing, curie was overwhelmingly positive in every way.

people claiming to be Curie hotshots when they were just one of a hundred other curators. Also, there's no one "in charge".

Not sure how you do it now but before a curator would send in his post recomendation and there was 2-5 (cant remember exactly) people and only one needed that would approve the post for a curie vote and give the expected reward to the curator.
Those that approve posts for curation could be seen as "being in charge". I always saw that as the main point of weakness in the otherwise well calibrated system.

Ah, alright. Yeah, that's a long time ago, I'm sure there won't be any such issues now. Curie was actually an open curation platform, where anyone could submit a post. Sometime in mid-2017 there was a massive rush of curators (literally like hundred curators a day) which we couldn't handle, so a system was put into place where curators would find their own ways to mentor curators and recommend them. In hindsight, I suppose some curators did a bad job of it, but I don't think it's fair to reflect that on Curie. Anyway, no harm done. There's still a mentorship program, but now it's restricted to the best curators only, so I don't think there'll be a repeat of this.

Even when you have pure intentions you can never account for every bad apple. Majority of current and ex curie curators i hold in high regard, its just that every system has a flaw that can most times, fortunately, be fixed.

With low prices these issues dont really show much. As i said, not sure how you do it now but i hope you dealt with all these things already.

I've been attacked by bloom constantly - on every post and comment nearly for over 2 weeks now, and I was thinkng of ways to fight back (he's too chicken shit to ever post and engage - he just down votes and follows curation trails).
In searching for ways, I notice your account is only one of a very samll few that he conssitently upvotes 100%.

Are you connected to this account in some way, other than receiving upvotes?

It seems to me that his behavior is toxic for the platform ( he has driven away other accounts by his psychotic down voting)

a link to a post detailing just how many times I've been downvoted

The account is a cancer for a social media platform.

I receive upvotes from dozens of accounts, I have no control over the voting behaviour of any of those accounts. If you receive a bad vote from @liberosist, feel free to contact me, otherwise I have nothing to do with it.

I wasn't insinuating, just asking a straight question (after looking at his voting patterns).


Thanks for using dlease.io, I filled some of those leases for you. Thanks for the great curation work you are doing!

Thanks for the reference - I just found hive.vote trails today.