I have been living under a rock. I was aware that J Sun bought Steemit, but did not really follow the story and felt that it will be resolved peacefully. Apparently, both sides did not meet eye-to-eye and now we have HIVE. I am pleasantly surprised and fairly excited with the news that I only recently discovered.

This is the first time that I went on the Hive Blog, first comment, first upvote. Kudos to you @liondani.

Drops mic and blocks and walks off stage

lol well said!

Nice one @chekohler. Good to see you here on Hive. I just started here now.

Good to see you abandoning the dead chain for your proper home. The less the merrier, over that way... but let us do something even better. Tell your friends.

Have a nice day!

Welcome to the new home. Together we build this stronger and raise it higher