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RE: Latest update on HF24 progress

in #hive9 months ago

Is there any chance that the (amazing) personal (decentralized) "blacklists" could make the "blacklist owner" invisible ("muted") to the accounts on their personal (decentralized) "blacklist" (in order to mitigate potential harassment)?


There's no really easy way to do this on the server side, given the current implementation. One possibility would be to encrypt the lists, then decrypt them on the client side, and let the client do the filtering. But it would be a big change.

But this could make more sense in terms of some of the things I'm planning for the reputation system, and we might be able to use that for filtering (again, it would imply the filtering is done on the client side, instead of hivemind).

Thank you for your consideration.

I think that a lot of people enjoy using and other systems because they have a "friends only" option.

I've met a few very interesting people on HIVE who've since abandoned the platform specifically because they feel like they've been unfairly harassed with downvotes.

I was very happy to see the customizable decentralized "blacklists".

Do you know where I can find a good description of exactly what effect these individual "blacklists" have when someone is added to them?