Elon Musk + Twitter // A political farce.

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Elon Musk entered the Twitter HQ yesterday carrying a sink. Anyone that has used Twitter for the last 3 months knows what that meme is about.
5 minutes later he fired the CEO and CFO. (Hopefully he didnt hit them with the sink beforehand). Some reports saying that he intends to fire 75% of the staff.
Do they deserve to be fired or not is up to him to judge but one thing is true without a shadow of a doubt.
Just like new administration, coming into power, removes its political and ideological opposition and places like minded people in their place, it seems very much that Elon will be doing the same with Twitter.

Twitter was never a tool for free speech, it was never an open and level playing field of ideas and i do not think that will change.

Can Elon Musk make stupidity equal regardless of the specific political leaning?

Because thats really what this is about. Besides a few legit issues most of the free speech complaints are about idiotic, divisive, hateful rhetoric and misinformation, from the left and the right, not being treated equally.
Elon Musk has his inherent biases like the people before him. The people he hires will also have their own biases.
That means that very little will change if anything. The left have lost their protectors and now the right has their own. Just look at the crying coming from the left and gloating from the right wingers.

This was never about free speech. It was always about having someone of influence controlling Twitter that supported your arguments more than the other sides.
All of it a political farce.

A benevolent dictator is still a dictator and Twitter can never provide anyone free speech. Elon Musk permitted speech is not free speech .

To close this off with a Hive mention. Yes, only Hive can provide free speech. Its simply a tool that doesnt understand politics, ideology, or even meaning. No such tool exists anywhere else.
It is not on Hive to be the arbiter of truth. That is on the people.
Hive creates an open forum for anyone to say what they want and how they want to. If any consequences are suffered, it is not from Hive itself but from the community.


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Just another clown pushing his own agenda if you ask me!

I fear the most those that claim to stand for the people but only work to increase their power control and influence over the things no one should control.

Yeah not sure a tool like Twitter is going to do all good in the hands of a megalomaniac!

At least he unbanned Donald Trump's presidential account...

And thats the point. He can still ban anyone. Just because he unbanned someone that a certain side supports doesnt change the reality of Twitter.

yep, pretty much my case stated in my latest post.

I dropped centralized social media for the most part 3 yrs ago. Don't miss it at all.

True. Paypal also supported the banking embrago against Wikileaks.