The cynicism of non-contribution

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Ive been involved in a certain few things during my course leading the marketing proposal. (Stay tuned for news)

I just wanted to chip in a few words when it comes to the stuff ive seen in this time. Ill write a complete breakdown once the 4 months are up and have the community completely in the loop.
Because the community deserves it.

I keep on repeating that there would have been no Hive if the community didnt step up. You all saw what we were able to do. Stand against the tyranny of 1 individual that aimed to subjugate us and we managed to prop ourselves up to a position where we hold our own future in our hands.
At what point in time did we forget that? A week after the fact? A month?

Now we are in a position where we decide our own future and only have ourselves to blame if we fail.

I have seen so much cynicism from certain individuals when I make that claim. Even those that know me most closely act cynically and plant the flag of capitulation when ever I propose involvement.
I always wondered why that was?

My conclusion was very simple:

They feel that those "others", those that wield more power and influence should do more for the betterment of Hive.
That is both wrong and right at the same time.
I can agree that those with power should do more for the platform but I also know that those that do not, can provide more, propelling themselves into that position of influence.

This post was in part motivated by some people that literally go around criticizing others that are willing to contribute. Their goal being to CONVINCE them that theyre idiots for trying like that one highschool slacker thats too cool 4 school telling other kids that theyre morons for working hard.


We can all do nothing because that "other guy" is doing nothing. We can all do nothing and weigh on who should have done more. That one that should have done more is for sure more to blame than us that could have done more. And doesnt that feel good! Being the morally better positioned lazy bastard.

Look. We can all point fingers and assign blame. Each of us can name a 100 people that we think should do "this and that", do more, and we can feel good about ourselves for doing so.


If youre equally as practical as that other lazy bastard than youre equally wrong as he is!

All it does is assure that nothing is done.

So in reality, those that promote this way of thinking are much worse for the health of this project than those that keep their mouths shut and leech the platform with circle jerk garbage posts and drain the witness rewards. (please do unvote those fuckers)
That exact approach the "old guard" took when it came to Ned and Dan during the Steemit days. They all sat in the Ned secret slack and argued behind the scenes. Ned feeding them promises and them feeling safe that they didnt have to do shit.

And it felt good to them. It felt safe. Being able to say what you want and never take any responsibility on yourself is safe. Its comforting. Lying to yourself that youre actually doing something.

Everyone likes having a "daddy" that tells them that everything will be ok until the fantasy falls apart and daddy one day says hes going down to the ciggarete stand but instead runs off with the family savings to play his guitar in a hippie commune in the woods with his armpit bushed girlfriend.


My point is:

Dont replace Ned with @blocktrades or @smooth or @gtg or @aggroed or @freedom or @khaleelkazi or etc. in your mind. These guys only want to take as much responsibility as they want to. Do things they want to do.
I made the mistake of thinking some of them would want to do more, to do something else, to do what I think they could or should, because their power and influence allow them to do more.
But who the fuck are we to impose on others what we feel they should do?

Remember the:

With great power comes great responsibility?

Yeah well, thats BS. Responsibility is there for those that want to take it and believing that others will take it on themselves for whatever preconceived reason you might have leads to nothing but inaction from yourself.

We all end up in a boat sinking together while wer waiting for the other guy to patch up the leaking hole.


If youre unhappy with something and want change...

Find the hole and patch it up yourself.


This no authority of Hive is its blessing and its curse at the same time.

We need to find ways to activate people around. One of the ways is the one run by @hiro-hive about twitter marketing. It's not beautiful, but thanks to @theycallmedan votes it incentives people to do what's needed. It works so I'm fine with it.

I liked your recent tweets about this stupid Q&A site, if you have more of these don't hesitate to ping me here or on twatter @HivePolish

Q&A site?

Oh yeah. We did good there. The twitter push tripled the initial numbers.

I'm not sure what marketing proposal you are talking about?

Click on my blog and read through the updates.

Hive is doing quite well in the context we're now, I don't know how much of this good perform is because of your initiative but probably is an important contribution. You're right asking more effort to others as you've set a good example yourself.

Take it easy, Roma wasn't built in a day and we're just starting, the old guard as you named it won't be there at charge forever.


Nothing new under the sun with the way peeps are behaving.

Our day in the sun is coming.
We only need one billionaire to take an interest and we've already had two.
Maybe one of them will come back and be one of us.