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Now at 16 members and everyone is appreciated and welcome:
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Splinterlands Market Cap:


the numbers are looking pretty good there, time to get in before it explodes?*






god's unchained:


I'm also seeing on the axieinfinity, an ethereum game, that you have to have three as an entry cost and having those at 150.00 a piece seems high for entry.

I also hear that gas costs for using ethereum games can be an issue.

*not a financial advisor

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In all of these but Gods Unchained just seemed overly expensive to me. Now with high fees as well Can you do anything in Exode yet? I bought a pack but haven't been able to figure out what to do.

Hi Sean I don't think there is a game yet. I do think something is dropping from time to time (sort of like an air drop)

ah cool thank you just wanted to make sure :)

The Discord link is not working for me.

Hi Paul I created a new one:

I'll replace it in the post as well