Get 350 TRON by Joining "Forsage" - Enjoy Life with Team

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Get 350 TRON by Joining "Forsage" - Enjoy Life with Team

Now in the era of blockchain, financial transactions happen at the lightning speed with very much secure method. We can use these technologies for our betterment of life. In this step, the smart contract 'Forsage' lunched a very nice system of marketing on TRON blockchain. I have seen many marketing system of MLM but never joined because I don't faith on them. Because these are completely controlled by greedy humans and any time they can leave the platfrom and hidden from society. I like this new concept on smart contract method on blockchain with token rest in our wallet and wallet is in our control. So, money is safe with our all team members, whatever they have. Are you excited or not....? I am very much excited and joined in few minutes, when i know the scheme on TRON blockchain.


It is on blockchain and far safe from traditional one.
Transactions are fast and secure.

Recently one of my friends introduced me a scheme on 'Ethereum' blockchain name 'Forsage'. I like the principle and concept but i refused because of high transaction fee of gas. The drawback of ETH forsage is

Drawback of ETH Forsage

  1. More than 70% + transaction fee for a single transaction on blockchain.
  2. Too much time to confirm a transaction.
  3. Slowdown of system


  1. Transferring Forsage on Tron blockchain.
  2. Less than 1% transaction fee for single transaction in friction of minute.
  3. Re-structuring the whole system in new way.

If you are pro or against the old MLM concept just check out this scheme. Some people may called it scam but I don't see any scam in it. It is just about your ability to convince people to join in scheme. Even if you are not able to work more and join only two people below you you will recover your investment and earn more if they work as per order.

What is the plan?

Watch the video below to understand the scheme in details.

Videos in English



This same copy is running at tron with major benefit of fast with very less transaction fee.


Videos in Hindi language.



Other languages videos you can find on youtube. If you interested, search them on youtube and you will find them easily.

Once you understand the power of this scheme, it is very easy to join. Join in the following steps-

Download any tron wallet from play store - There is multiple choice of wallet like Tron Wallet, Math Wallet and Banko Wallet. But i prefer Tron Wallet and below give method is for the same. You can do same method with others wallet.

Download link of Tron Walllet

Sign up the wallet and safely secure your 12 word key phrase at safe place. Once key is lost you won't be able to recover your Tron Wallet.

Now transfer approx. 720 tron (approx. 16$ = Rs. 1200) in your Tron Wallet from any exchange. I include 20 tron extra for transaction charges, it is about 4-5 tron but i added some extra for safe side. If you are in India and want to buy it from fiat can go to WazirX this is my referral link. Buy and transfer from there to your Tron Wallet. If you face any difficulty then you can contact me on my discord id Mehta#4294. I will try to resolve your query.

With in few miniutes transferred Tron will reflected in your wallet, Go to the browser link as shown in the photo below.


Open it and insert my referral URL


Now, app will open and you can click on 'JOIN NOW' and you will find my id in referral location again click on 'JOIN' and Authorise and pay 700 tron, you will be joined with in fraction of minute.

To find you ID logout from current process and again go to Browser URL and click on authorization and it will login to your id, not down your id and copy your referral link and start making new members and enjoy the rewards afterwords.

Now you can generate your referral URL which you can share with anybody to join as your down line.
You are done now and start earning by joining other.
It is instant and no waiting required.
Thousands of people are joining everyday.
Good earnings!

Just for token your efforts, towards joining and your encouragement, I will provide you 350 TRON, if you use my referral link for joining. Please, comment below with your Forsage ID and Tron wallet address to get this offer in your tron account.

My discord id Mehta#4294.

Hope you like this..... and take step forward...

Love "Forsage" with "Tron", Work Hard - Change Your Life


We don't like scam coins made by thieves around here.

My Id 11232 and wallet address is TT7njZSZk3MgsQWYRBorKfS8eoNP7i4By1

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