Didn't know that @ned and @ben's alt had received the Hive airdrop...

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I stumbled upon @edicted's post earlier today. The one he's celebrating a great millstone. Reaching [orca status] is probably the ultimate goal for the average user, HP wise. There's always the dream of becoming a whale but to get there one needs to spend a shit ton of money.

Of course not even in my wildest dreams I could think of the possibility that one day I'd be an "orca" myself too so...you never know. All it takes is a couple of flash crash orders I've set to be filled and whale status..."here I coooome".

Anyway lets get serious now shall we?

The thing is that I didn't even know that https://hivebuzz.me/ranking site even existed and if it wasn't for @edicted's post there's a good chance that I wouldn't have found it in the near future either...Thanks for that bud and congrats for your achievement.

That being said and since I really enjoy everything regarding charts, statistics and numbers, I had to see for myself where do I stand among the thousands of users using this blockchain.

Ranked 325 and 53.7K HP. Not bad. Not bad at all actually. On that very same page there are some pretty familiar names as well. @nonameslefttouse is one of them. So is @coff33a. There are a couple of curation projects like @curie, @tipu which is a promotion tool aaaand @ben1.

20200527 22_15_42HiveBuzz.png

@Ben1 ya said?

Does it sound familiar? @Ben1 might not sound familiar but it is @ben's little brother...or alt if you will.


Well @ben was excluded from the airdrop because it belonged to @ned, (by the way @ned did receive Hive tokens during the chain split. I didn't know that tbh and if it was up to me I wouldn't give him shit...Just saying)....therefore to Steemit.inc and was part of the #Steemhostiletakeover.

Of course it's an inactive account. It's not curating, nor creating content...no nothing. Just like hundreds of others accounts that were eligible for the airdrop but they are inactive since forever. Most likely 99% of them don't even know they have a Hive stake...

@Tim1 which is sitting right above @ben1 on the rankings, is @tim's alt account which is probably one of the oldest accounts on Steem since the first power up he made was on April 3 2016. Probably an early miner? It could be...

Anyway these 2 accounts combined have 150K+ Hive staked...Dormant stake.

Which makes me wonder. How much of the total HIVE stake is being used? A skillful dev could shed some light here... It would be interesting to see the % of the stake that is actually being used, don't you think? @crokkon maybe?

Anyway, that's all for today fellas.

Have a good one...


On Hive @tipu is no longer promotion tool (selling votes), just curation ;)

Oh that's great news bud. Old news too I guess eh? I've been quite busy lately and believe it or not I am trying to catch up with everything

Oh I know that feel, definitely too much going on :D

It's going to be interesting to see if we have one of those Bitcoin moments (11 years dormant wallet suddenly transfers a huge amount of money) and see a few of these early STEEM minders start posting and curating on Hive - lol! That would be something.

Ha! Can you even imagine that?

ned is everywhere :P

Ya he is dammit