Hive offers to potential investors/users the full treatment...and that's how it should be promoted. Oh and some 30K + power up.

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Time flies...that's for sure. It's been eleven days since the last post I've published and it's by far the longest break I've had since January 10 2018, the day I joined Steem and now Hive.

But it was a much needed break to be honest with you.

With all this Corona shit...and social distancing I was suffocating...

So I had to start spending my days to the one place that makes me feel alive regardless if it's summer or winter, and that's the sea.


I got that close from getting burned... and I wouldn't forgive myself if I let that happen. I like this place too much to not be around, and while I know it sounds cliche, it's 100% true.

One can only realize the uniqueness of this blockchain if they take a small break just like I did and compare it with its competitors.

There's no competition for Hive. Trust me on that.

It's completely up to us to make this place known to the masses.

The technology ain't gonna change...

3 second intervals between each block is the best we can have.

Fee-less transactions is a dream for every blockchain...but not for us.

Tons of things can be built on top of this chain...almost ...anything. And this is exactly how we should promote Hive on other social media platforms.

Earning from blogging is a bonus. It definitely is. But Hive offers to potential investors / simple users, the full treatment.

Now imagine if millions of people had to purchase Hive in order to make fee-less and almost instant micro payments...

Win - win for everyone...

That being said but also because I know that at some point HIVE tokens will be too expensive for me to buy in big chunks, I made a few decent HIVE buys the last few days and powered all these tokens up.

20200608 21_28_38mindtrap  mindtrap _ PeakD.png

Well look at that..."whale status" might not be a dream after all...


Have a good one everyone.



Looking at those power ups makes me drool haha.

Hope Hive will moon for the sake of all of us, both small and big HP hodlers who spend so much time here. And it will...soner or later it willc cause we are fucking awesome :D

Cheers and Hive on.

Investing in crypto is always risky. That's rule No1.

But hey, people say put your money where your mouth is. That's what I do. Hive is a hidden gem...sooner or later it will be discovered

I will just for now enjoy community and observe

Do whatever makes you feel comfortable and what you enjoy most. Eventually you'll find what suits you best.

Well I know your 11 days off here, might have given you some time to really get your creativity Juice up again. And well that's some amazing power up there man, hopefully I can slide into more hive power soonest if I have money to buy

I know your 11 days off here, might have given you some time to really get your creativity Juice up again.

That. I hate being repetitive just to milk some rewards. I prefer to take a break and watch from the sidelines if I can't produce something decent...whatever that might be.

I am sure you'll make it bud. And even if you don't you always have your writing skills ;)

Hahaha milking is what many people will do just to take advantage exactly. But that's awesome from you.

I am sure you'll make it bud. And even if you don't you always have your writing skills ;)

Yeah I think I can do that, you know Maybe in a year or more than that, I love playing the curation game.

I can only dream of power ups like those. Someday maybe I to can have power ups like those. For now, I promote the Hive as much as I can.

I used to use the same words some months ago, yet here I am. Dream big brother. Dream BIG.

If you had powered up 41 more, you would have exactly catched up with me.

Got job man.

lol. Am I really 41 HP short? Hehe.

Thanks a lot brother. Good to see you around. I mean it.

wow congrats man! i think tomorrow i will power up some of my steem that is now hive!

Sounds like a good choice!

Breaks are needed man!
Awesome Power Up! Whale status incoming soon for sure!

It will definitely take time but it's quite possible

Lucky you with those power-ups :) Now keep the articles coming, curate and vote for other content, and you will actually earn an active and passive income quite nicely from the platform as well :)

That was the plan all along 🙂

I was powering up my posts earlier.

And now I simply powerup by converting HBD to Hive Power at the right time.

Good to see you have powered up.

What is your next plan? Delegate?