The magic of risking everything for a dream nobody sees...but you.

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Other than having found out about BTC back in 2010/2011, or have an epiphany and bags full of crypto during the the 2017/18 bull run, Hive is probably the best thing that happened to me investing wise.

Now you may wonder how is that even possible, since its price is kinda stuck at $0.25 for quite some time now, but trust me, it is.

I see people left and right shilling about BTC and how it will change your life when it starts mooning. That's half the truth...

BTC might be the battle ram of the entire crypto industry and the main reason behind a possible crypto adoption from the masses, but tell me this.

Do you even hold a full BTC?

No? Half maybe? A third of it?

Well, I am sorry to disappoint you my friend but if you are not holding enough of it already BTC ain't gonna change your life. Unless of course you expect it to shoot up to $500K a piece as some claim it will some time soon.

Ain't gonna happen.

Indirectly will, even if you're not a BTC holder. You've heard of the 4 year BTC cycles I guess. It starts after every BTC halving and lasts 4 years, till the next halving. In these four years BTC kinda has the same behavior. Every time. Drains every alt coin before it reaches new highs, only when it starts climbing it drags every single coin with it to new highs too.

BTC proponents and fanatics claim that it's never too late to invest in BTC. And they're probably right. It might reach $100K or $300K one day...but if you are holding 0.1 of it, it won't change your life.

HIVE though...

How many times in life one can have their pie and eat it too?

Because that's exactly the case with Hive. And I can clearly see it now where I've managed to somehow "grow" my account.

I could make my life a little easier and pay half of my rent from my curation rewards only. My account would keep growing, just at a slower pace. "Don't say it...the economy here in Greece is broken, period" Yet I don't...

My girlfriend will chop off my head one of these days for not doing so.

Can you do that if you're a BTC holder?

No you can't. You can trade it, sell it, buy it but at the end of the day you'll be holding what you paid for and keep praying that it will day.

You can't grow your stash just by holding it. You can't reward your favorite authors and earn too at the same time. You can't earn more for posting or delegating your stake and you definitely don't have fun just like you do on Hive, unless of course you're having fun watching BTC red and green candles on the exchanges.

This is exactly the reason why I have invested a significant amount of my crypto holdings in HP. Not only for its uniqueness by default but also for its potential.

Don't fool yourselves...Hive is the future and a hidden gem.

It won't take long before the right set of eyeballs will notice that Hive is the blockchain of people. Of real people.

Mass adoption ya said? Of course...then let's demonstrate to the masses using other social media platforms all the great things Hive has to offer...and then imagine HIVE hitting $2...$5...$20...that would definitely change your life for ever.

Have a good one people and don't give up on your Hive dreams.



I probably look at it even more in this direction as you. When I jumped into crypto a couple years ago, I was sure it was a scam. Steem was my entry, as I saw an actual use for it. The idea of using Bitcoin as my entry to get into Steem was out of the question as the high transaction fees would eat up a lot of my meager investment.

As I've watched crypto since, it quickly became obvious to me that any real opportunity would be in an alt project that had a use case (Steem now Hive) and could potentially grow that use case to create a demand separate from the pump and dump values most chains only seem to offer. The odds of someone buying into something like Hive for .25 each and it reaching its previous high of 8.00 is more realistic than buying Bitcoin for say 10,000 and it reaching 320,000. Even Cardano, which was as low as .02 not long ago reaching its former high of 1.33 would be an astronomical growth of 65x. Bitcoin to match that at 10k would need to hit 650.000 each.

Plus, in terms of average people as you point out, its easier to own units whose entry value is so much cheaper.

Exactly my thoughts mate. There are way more probabilities for alts to go 100x

Look how ZIL and DGB perform lately. I made some serious money from those 2 recently and it’s one of the reasons I bought more HP

<3 Indeed! Hive can change our lives. I still stack a little BTC as it's never a bad idea to diversify a little, but my main bags are in HIVE. Not many will understand, but I'm not sure we need 'that many' to understand for us to have a great time next bull run :-) Cheers!

Awesome post!!! I agree with every word. Hive is the future. So many people want to hate on Hive and everything, but a lot of people are closed minded and/or don't see the bigger picture. Hive will be a place for ACTUAL influencers... not just some butt shaking lady or muscular man or wild attention seekers that exist on mainstream sites. Those people have their value, don't get me wrong but the world deserves something better than only the modern social media.

the world deserves something better than only the modern social media


I am pretty new to all of this crypto stuff. It is just fascinating to me that you can not only buy, sell and trade it but earn it as well.

So many options eh?

Yes, there are @mindtrap! Lots of fun learning!

DPoS is really a smart system, you can earn by simply delegating too and still you are owner and 100% control of your funds. Lending poses risk if other defaults.

Hive is really a nice investment to stay in and increase.

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I wouldn't be so excluded toward BTC or any other coin... Being on HIVE and growing my HP saying enough about my belief in the chain... But, I do believe that there is a lot of place for other crypto projects out there...

You are right about staking and altcoins going to the moon in previous cycles... I hope that we will see at least one more cycle similar to those in the past... :)

Nice read! Cheers!

Thanks bud.

Sooner or later we'll get there. 2.5+ years of this bear market have been an opportunity for the smart ones.

Well, there is still room to catch the train of accumulation... but time is running out, that's sure...

I know what you mean!

Hive at around $5 - I'd just be looking at my account value every 5 seconds!

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Trust me, I know what you mean too...

All it takes is...half the rally Steem did during the previous bull run. The most important part though would be a "floor" at these levels

I wonder if this current price is a genuine floor, or just propped up by the migrating in-crowd, I guess we'll find out in a week, once all the Steem PDs are done.

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I won’t give up on my Hive Dreams

That's the spirit.

Good to see you back Nathan

Totally agree on this one. Even if HIVE is still 25 cents it's something that you can earn, compound, stake and so on. You can't do that with BTC. I only write of BTC as a point of reference because you know, it's the number one, but don't particularly like it. Not to mention the slow transaction speed.

Not to mention the slow transaction speed.

And the huge fees...especially for micro-transfers