I am back again

in #hivelast year

I am back again after not using hive for two whole months. I am very busy in these days and don't have time to write post or play steem game.

I coming back in a good timing. Now I am waiting for splinterlands update.


Hey, mate. We haven't seen you around the guild for a while. Could use the scrolls if you have time for daily quests.

@mattclarke Sorry for late reply. My country is under military coup since 1-Feb-2021, Internet is under censorship and I cannot use Steem and Hive blockchain. Luckily I have got a VPN account from my friend and I can use the blockchain again. Anyways we are not in normal condition. We faced complete internet shutdown at the beginning of the feburary. I don't know when will the restrict the internet again. I am not in the mood to use the blockchain in those days but now I start using it again. Good luck mate.