How to create a Gmail account?

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How to create a Gmail account?

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For those of you who haven’t opened a Gmail account, here’s how to create a Gmail account.

  1. First you enter
    To open your Gmail account, first enter the webpage.

  2. Now click on “Create an Account”.
    Whenever you enter the webpage, if you look at the bottom, you will see an option called “Create an Account”. You will then click on it.

  3. Then click on “For me”
    Whenever you click on “Create an Account”, you will see a few options on your mobile. In between you can click on “for me”, or other options depending on your needs. But here I will click on “for me”. And you can click on it.

  4. Now set up account information.
    When you open an account, click the Next button with your name, nickname, username, and password.

  5. Now enter the phone number, age, and gender identity and click the Next button.

  6. Your account is fully setup, now just do it.

Now that you have completed your Gmail account, here are some more Gmail account information that you may find useful. Once you get into trouble, you will be forced to learn this process to find out. Because many people are unaware of the Gmail service. See below.

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