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I'm re-designing all the assets that I had created for Steem.

Splinterlands is still my top priority. And I'm sure there's still plenty of work yet to do in polishing up Keychain. And I wouldn't be surprised if I needed to participate in the creation of the Hive version of Steem Engine.

But in between all that, I'm gonna squeeze in some time to re-brand the Steemstyle store (new name will be Blockstyle). You can expect lots of cool Hive branded stuff!

I'm also doing the same thing with Steem Studio (which provided free Steem assets for design and marketing). That site will transition to become

For Hivebox, I intend to provide lots of different "kits". Each of these kits will be a ZIP file full of specific assets for supporting Hive.

The first kit is the BADGE KIT!


Since I don't have the website set up yet, I'm just sharing it to you directly from this post. That way, you guys can start using them ASAP!

I'll make more posts with free stuff as additional Kits are created. You can expect stuff like Wallpaper Kits, Social Post Kits, Icon Kits, whatever.

If there's enough support for things like that, maybe I'll submit a Hive proposal. I can grab a couple of designers and make sure the folks who are championing Hive to exchanges, social media, and the press have a steady stream of assets to support the cause. Whether it's a white paper, a Twitter graphic, or a partnership proposal, it's important that the Hive community puts forth a consistently high class, professional face to the world.

We'll see what happens.

In the meantime, enjoy this first Kit!


Hive On, people!



Fire work my friend!

Nice - just checking so the images here have no copyright and the badges can be used in apps etc?

Correct. They are free to use for both personal and commercial purposes.

Once again, thanks for your hardwork in making these awesome badges. These are very useful!

Have a great day.

Awesome artwork, love the Hive logo already, and thx for sharing :)

Looking sweet. Good job!

Epic stuff man. Thank you so much.

Amazing ...

Great let's make new experiences with hive

That's a good news for the community 👍

I will put those to good use. Great work.

Great job, those look awesome.

Thanks for these, great work :)

Thank you. Very helpfull

Well, that puts my work to shame. Nice stuff! Thanks!

Cool graphics! I like those dividers!

These are wonderful! Thanks so much!

Stunning designs - I'am a huge fan of your work!
BTW: Are you for hire?

It’s so great to see people this hyped to crank out stuff for the new chain.

Thank you! Great work.

👍Two thumbs up!👍
Very nice! Thank you!

Thanks Man! We really need that!

Such an amazing work, Really appreciate it.

They look great, thank you!

Wonderful ! okayredim.png Thank you @nateaguila 😃

These are really great badges! This is real beauty.

Looking good!

Ha, I was just thinking about making a couple of those for my sites. I have the main thumbnail images on there, but I like those better. Thanks for the kit.

Looks good!

Awesome work man! Definitely a lot of attention to detail, which is great! I already downloaded the pack as I'm sure I'll be using it quite soon! Looking forward to more amazing content from you :)

Thanks for the hard work you and many others are putting into this Hardfork. I'm off to check out your badge kit. All the best for the future :)

You da man for this one. I was hoping you’d be updating the designs to match Hive. Great work!

Hello @nateaguila can i share this in theTerminal discord, for all the redfish blogging on hive ?

Wow... These are cool!

These are cool, I might use one in the bottom corner of my next post 👍
Thanks for sharing your Artwork , appreciated √