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RE: I'm Trying to Support Hive but Whales are Downvoting Me

in #hive2 years ago

I hope that you guys saw my conversation with Charles Hoskinson recently about Hive too. Guys, I really really want to be here with you.

Thank you Rachel.

I’m so excited to thrive on Hive together.

Please DM me on Twitter if you ever need anything anytime


I'm starting to reconsider this now that I'm seeing how hateful some of these whales can be. I love Hive, but there is only so much I can put myself through for the sake of social media.

Always try focus on the good.

It's just not worth it Nathan.

I can certainly understand how you feel.

No ever downvoted me.

I just wanted to let you know it’s not I’m trying to convince you stay active on Hive. But life in general try to focus on good.

I truly appreciate everything you’ve done for our decentralised community.

We definitely shiuld consider fork out bernie. He's been abusive for years! If we can kick out stinc what makes him think he's safe? Lets kick bernie

It needs to happen.

wow thats so retarded. You really cry because some of your expected rewards are lower?