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RE: What do we want from content?

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Simply. Excellent and because it was said by you, it carries a certain degree of gravitas. Take a look down trending today.
It is though, rather naive to imagine that the blockchain is about community. It is about making money, and I use the term 'money' as anything that can be exchanged into stuff you want or need. Content is just the vehicle and carries no real significance sadly.


I think content about the platform is indeed needed and I enjoy it, I would like to see better organization of it personally. But yes many times it’s not for engagement or views, it’s how to do minimal work for the most $.. and if it’s autos, people just shit post to get it without even caring if people read it or not.

I will say that trending is an unfair view as many times those working behind the scenes can only be rewarded for those contributions when they post.. it’s something I would like to see somehow improved but on the other hand, the rewards pool is for contributions that bring value to the ecosystem.. it’s just the content may not be that actual value, it’s just the place people can go reward them for their work. Something we will have to find a balance in.

I don't begrudge the devs etc their pound of flesh at all. I was thinking about this today and thought it would be nice if they had their own 'community' and could simply circle jerk (in a nice way!) each other to get a decent return on their hard work, a community that was programmed NOT to appear within the trending feed.

As a consumer as opposed to creator, I will consume content wherever I find it interesting. I'm fickle in that sense.

the rewards pool is for contributions that bring value to the ecosystem

Then we need to define what the 'ecosystem' is about exactly and create guidelines to suit. The problem comes when one realises that Hive, the blockchain, means a million slightly different things to a million different people!
Content has zero actual value, the value is only created by the consumer's opinion but here, it doesn't work that way. People have a sense of entitlement that if they create something, they should be rewarded and because people with large stakes can earn curation rewards from upvoting, their opinion of the content matters not, only its value as a means to reward the curator.

There is something all a bit skew-whiff which means we will never find that balance I guess and the whole system will be (as I've writte many times before) no more than a computer game.....

Thanks for taking the time to reply @justineh and I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and sane :-)