My first HIVE (shit) post

in #hive7 months ago (edited)

Am I shit-posting correctly? Please vote 100% if answer is yes.

This is my poor dog trying to find HIVE or STEEM. I said: "go!"

His name is Willy :)


That's not proper shitposting, you actually posted something!

LOL. I wanted to do it correctly, but maybe I failed.
By correctly I mean bad. Proper shit post. You understand? xD

Edit: You got my first upvote on HIVE :)

Bueno al menos parece que willi llego antes que muchisimos de nosotros
Bienvenida muñequita linda.

Ole oleeeeeee, dos votoooosssssss!!!!! Jajajajajajaja.
El perro sigue buscando, por cierto... xD

Ya vendran paciencia

Ya lo sé. Pero hoy me lo tomo todo así jajajajaja.

Con el mio van 16 @nelyp!
Vamos por más!

Toma tomaaaaaaaaa jajajajajaja