Hive is pure censorship thanks to the likes of TheMarkyMark & co.

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Marky and his DV bot buddies have finally made it!

My rep went from 64 to -2 and he directly flagged me 'reputation 0'!

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Congratulations @networkallstar! You received a personal badge!

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Hive Power Up Day - September 1st 2022
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Woooohoooo Already so long! We are happy to count you as a member since all this time @solominer 😉👍 Have a nice weekend.

Dear @networkallstar, we need your help!

The Hivebuzz proposal already got important support from the community. However, it lost its funding a few days ago and only needs a bit more support to get funded again.

May we ask you to support it so our team can continue its work?
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Your support will be really appreciated.
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