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RE: Some information about the Hive(previously steem) proposal system/sps/steem.dao/hive development fund/hdf

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If that was only SPS funds distributed to proposals as it should be, I have no problem when witnesses or devs get paid.

But what you skipped, is that the steemit inc stake is in there too!!!

Why convert it to HBD? And distribute it to proposals, these funds have nothing todo with the SPS. Let the SPS pay for proposals with the 10% inflation received.

Or will the 10% inflation turned back into the reward pool?

Maybe there should be some solutions presented as proposals first, and let the community decide what to do with the 80+ million HIVE. It's strange to me, that the witnesses and devs, decide to pay themselves out this huge stake.


Ah thanks, I should have adressed that in my main post. This stake is not really "steemit inc stake" it was stake that was mined specifically for the purpose of developing steem. The idea was to give a bankroll to steemit inc so they can do stuff. It was a smart idea to raise funds while doging some regulations.

So now that steemit inc is out of the picture, what do we do with those funds that were earmarked for the development of the chain ? The place that's the closest to the original idea for that stake is definitely the sps, which was designed for decentralized development of the chain.

There were ideas of just burning it with the hard fork, but we felt that it would have been a waste.

Why not keep the SPS as it is, it is funded by us all, 10% inflation.

Why not try to have another solution, like distribute the stake between HIVE Founders, Witnesses and Devs?

This is much faster, and we can leave the past behind us.

We really dont' need to be "fast" to distribute that wealth, if anything we want to be as careful as possible to make sure it's best used.

And why brainstorm a new distribution solution when there's the sps.

Also imagine the PR nightmare if witnesses/hive founders and devs (which I am 3 in one if there is such a thing as a "hive founder") were to distribute that money to themselves.

I certainely would not be interested to be in a chain where witnesses distribute money to themselves like this. It sets a terrible precedent.