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RE: Hive Exchange Listings and Communication/PR Proposal

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Of course this proposal gets my vote. It does seem odd to use the author reward pool to fund things like development and infrastructure when there's a large pool of funds just asking to be used responsibly, sitting there, waiting to be used.

Thank you for all your hard work.


I do not think anyone that makes a contribution should be allow to post hoc ask for payment.

I only supported this because I knew about some of what was happening. Even suggested the work she was doing would most likely get support if there was a proposal. I'll bet others suggested the same. I assume there would have been community backlash had this proposal been made sooner, I believe there's still more work to do as well. I assume people would disagree had this proposal been put in place before the work started. These things will always lead to disagreements, which is a normal reaction, and I hope they don't cause division. I don't think any less of you for sharing your stance with me. It's appreciated.

its already cause division. I reached out to her on her latest posts to explain the negative emotional response I have seen in the community. I want to support her getting funding, but her response to me was "people will chose to support it or not". That is not very respectful to the community she wants to pay her for past work.

She could easily rewrite such that I and other Hivers would have no problem supporting it. Check her lastest post on this for more of my thoguhts instead of retyping them here. Her simps are already starting downvoting campaigns against those that do not support the proposal in the community.

I want to see this resolved civically, but if she just ignores the part of the community that has legit concerns about this then it will just be bad for hive.

I'm getting bullied with downvotes as well. Because of that I've not been paying much attention to the politics around here lately. If some folks want to tarnish Hive's reputation, what can we do? I didn't know things were getting out of hand. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

I, personally, just didnt vote the proposal and moved on. BUT of course once it crosses certain lines, then you are in it if you want stand behind your principals.

This absolutely does not have to turn into thing and I DO NOT WANT IT TO! but justineh is the one writing the proposal so at the end of the day its on her to resolve since its her proposal. If she cared about the community that much then she would take the proper measures to amicably resolve it, as compared to "people can chose to support it or not"

You've put me in a difficult position. Since I had made my decision long before there was an uproar and what some consider to be irrational behavior while going on defense (something I've yet to look into due to time constraints), my decision stands but does not need to be considered permanent. I truly felt like I was doing the right thing at the time of decision making.

Due to the fact people are getting pushed around when they do things like offer constructive criticism or point out possible flaws and potential bad actors, I've decided I'll no longer take part in voting for any proposals in the future and until things change; I see more professionalism.

The community needs leaders, not rulers. Unfortunately, some folks don't know the difference.

Didnt mean to put ya in a bad position.. I am just doing what I feel is the right advocating for the community :/. I want things to go well, ya know.

We want the same things.

holy f dude, likwid is hitting you with -$25 downvotes?!?

Every post, automatically. Simply because I pointed out what I thought were irresponsible downvotes, and bullying. I barely even feel welcome here at this point. Don't even know why I bother.

As a dev, thats the kinda thing that will drive us new comer devs away from hive. Why would I wanna go through all the learning required to understand the block-chain code when crap like this goes down? The core code base is beyond PHD level shit. The core devs are irreplaceable, justineh is not. And if the devs that can get to the level of working on the core blockchain code (not all devs have that potential) dont stick around and eventually something will happen to the existing devs, who will replace them?

Goes the same for experienced creators. Chase them away, hold them back, all they do is go to where they're welcome.

I'm aware of this post and the fact many people are becoming concerned with what they see.