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RE: What do we want from content?

in #hive2 years ago

I look for little contributors and upvote them manually. I do have a few autovotes set for a couple of curation trails. I do the best that I can to source good content even if I don't agree with what is said. Sticking to factual information is what content I want to see. As a community we should support the posting and gathering of factual information to be placed on the immutable blockchain systems.

I want this to be a home for immutable history as it happened now how the historians want to remember it. Because of that I frequently down vote pretty girl pics and the like. I don't down vote many things because I disagree with what was said but disagree with the amount of reward. Many times my attempts to redistribute tiny amounts of rewards have brought overbearing attention to slam down my reputation. That is fine as it has already recovered in a matter of a couple of months here on Hive. Now I just need to move some of this awesome Hive back over to the control chain in order to reduce said control. These two chains running side by side only add to the competition for the money involved. I really enjoy competition.


I look for little contributors and upvote them manually

You are a good man!

I thank you for your thoughts but feel far from good.