Let's help #HIVE get represented in the Virtual Blockchain Week 2020 - Hive needs your support!

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Authored by @anomadsoul
The @badcrypto podcast is organizing what is aruably the most ambitious cryptocurrency and blockchain related series of conferences of 2020 and it is our chance to help our HIVE Blockchain get representation in the form of a speaker.

We are asking the Hive community to help us make some noise in Social media (especially Twitter) to let the @badcrypto team know how much we want to see Hive up there in the Speakers Hub.

Currently, Hive is one of the most talked about topics regarding Cryptocurrency in the alternative and social media sphere.

There is so much we need to share about our Blockchain, our history, our goals and values and the Birtual Blockchain Week is the perfect place to do so.

Help Hive get a spot as speaker in the Virtual Blockchain Week

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

That's it! You've done your part to help our Blockchain get the recognition and visibility it deserves!

Bonus: Leave a comment here with your Tweet and get recognized as one of the accounts who is giving everything to help our chain, perhaps some other users will give you a vote!

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Awesome! I'm new to HIVE (literally just joined), but I'm really excited to be a part of the community. I'll help it out however I can - I love the idea behind it all!

Keep up the great work!!

Welcome to Hive and thanks so much for jumping in on this initiatives, we need more newcomers just like you :D

Thanks! It seems like I'll enjoy being here very much!

BTW, I can't seem to find a ton of info about delegating my HP out - is there a site / account / etc that you'd recommend? I'm looking to power up a ton of HP over time and lease it out, to build a sort of passive investment/income stream :)

This post should have the info you may be interested in! :)


Thanks a bunch! I'm definitely going to support that project; powering up more HIVE tonight to be able to do so! :)

That's great to hear! Enjoy the passive income and check out the OCD community if you wanna see how it's being put to use. :)

Finally managed to invest some HP today to OCD :D
OCD Delegation - Eager to Grow Here!

Welcome to hive! Glad to see new faces!

thanks a bunch for the welcome and big upvote ^.^ been sick the past few days but now seems like an excellent time to dump a ton into HIVE with the price being what it is!

Was able to delegate some HP to @OCD just now (and dropped my first ever HIVE post) :D
OCD Delegation - First Timer Here!

HivePeople on Twitter has retweeted this:

Good idea 💡 it’s done ✅

Thanks for the support!

We are family!

faster than inmediately, let's start winning some spaces around the world!

Here's my tweet:

Let's go!

Awesome! Let's make some blouse on Twitter!

ReTweeted already, let's go guys!

Thanks man! Together we'll get their attention :D

Together - we are force!


Thanks Cranium, good to see we have other languages spreading the word!

On that, thanks for the heads up!
@sgerhart130 on twitter
Get the Hive Buzzing!

Don't forget to tweet and retweet! :D


Thank you Fiona!

I just saw this post and I immediately Compose words on my twitter

Thanks so much for contributing!

Talk about something to bring viewers in to their event. I would put anyone from our community up against @justinsunsteemit but would personally love to see @theycallmedan educate the man. Who would you want to see debate Justin on the values of decentralization?

It's amazing what Lea is achieving and I'm incredibly happy for her!

I wouldn't focus the time we get on stage (screen?) To do that, I would focus in giving give the most exposure possible! But your idea ain't that bad for the future once Hive is more settled in the cryptosphere. Right now it's sent buidl :D

For the love I have for hive, I did my own tweet and retweet

Gotta love a community like the one we have at Hive, right? Thanks!

I've RTed all the links in the comments so far, and replied to @badcrypto's reply to your tweet, which sounded wicked encouraging! Thanks for putting out the call, @ocd-witness!

Thanks to you Tracy for giving it all for Hive!

Hope we get on board!
Here's my tweet

Thanks to people like you helping us spread awareness and bring eyes to Hive, we might achieve it, thanks

Tweeted and retweeted!

Nice! Thanks for doing your part to help Hive!

Maravillosa iniciativa. 👍

Muchas gracias srita ballesteros!


each of us must help the community even with small gestures like this...

here is my tweet:

Doesn't matter how big or small, but to contribute, you're right :D

of course, when promoting hive in twitter.. I am honoured to join..

The honor is the community's for having your help and everyone else's! Thanks!

~~~ embed:1246609192498147339?s=20 twitter metadata:dGVuaWJvbGFkZXx8aHR0cHM6Ly90d2l0dGVyLmNvbS90ZW5pYm9sYWRlL3N0YXR1cy8xMjQ2NjA5MTkyNDk4MTQ3MzM5P3M9MjAgfA== ~~~


And retweeted as well. 😊

Tweet and retweet, best way to support this initiative, thanks!

You're most welcome! 😊

@anomadsoul Right and done!

Thanks amigo!

That's what we do my friend, helping each other to help all others.

Whatever we can do to rise more awareness on #Hive will be another little step on out road to success.

Here's my tweet, they already seems to be interested 😜


Exactly that, every little bit helps on the road to success for Hive :D

Tweeted ...

... and retweeted the original post.

Thanks Dee! Great to see amazing Hive freewriters jump in to support the chain :)

You're welcome!

Its done!

Great to see Sascha! Everyone jumping in, so great to watch it unfold :D

You are right, how more we Bee^^ so more we Bee´n^^ see. :-)
Salve and HIVE ON!

My support

Alright Shem, thanks for jumping in!

Admittedly my twitter account is weaker than last week, but here she is... F2723116FB404A898F808DC28CD0E4E0.jpeg

Hahaha nice wording! I bet that will catch their attention! Thanks for your contribution for the bigger picture :)

My pleasure ;)

Did my part of retweeting and tweeting

That's team work! Thanks!

If it comes to promote the community driven #hive then I have to promote it because I am the part of community.

That's the way to think, everyone doing their part for the bigger picture, thanks!

I tweeted and retweeted to do my part ... although I have only 3 followers on twitter ... so my part must be extremely minuscule :) a micro - part really ... here is my tweet :

and here my retweet:
~~~ embed:1246731562043015169 twitter metadata:Qm9yamFuUmFkb2xvdmljfHxodHRwczovL3R3aXR0ZXIuY29tL0JvcmphblJhZG9sb3ZpYy9zdGF0dXMvMTI0NjczMTU2MjA0MzAxNTE2OXw= ~~~

Despite the followers, you are really contributing to bring attention to Hive, thanks for your help!

Backing up everything I can: here's my tweet:

Muchas gracias Carolina! :)))

ReTweeted already

That's great, thanks for your support!

Done, thanks for the initiative.

Awesome thanks!

Here's is my tweet, I hope it's a good one.

Of course it's a good one, every bit helps! Thanks :D

We can do it together. ~~~ embed:1246764194852208640. Let's keep twitting it. twitter metadata:RXllT2ZPcml4fHxodHRwczovL3R3aXR0ZXIuY29tL0V5ZU9mT3JpeC9zdGF0dXMvMTI0Njc2NDE5NDg1MjIwODY0MC4gTGV0J3Mga2VlcCB0d2l0dGluZyBpdC58 ~~~

Definitely, we can achieve everything if we work together!

Absolutely. I've always worked with OCD right from steem, but it's so unfortunate that I've not been opportune to be whitelisted. However, I still love mingling with the community. Maybe I will stand a chance to key in now that hive is alive, time will tell. I won't also forget to say that I'm one of the top 10 that got a 100% vote from the "What does hive mean to you initiative. Plz keep an eye. You are awesome man. Thanks.

Not have much followers but I did my part :D
My Tweet :

Every follower and view counts! Thanks!

Greetings this is my support for the blockchain

We appreciate that you contribute for the Hive community's thrive!

Everyone doing their part, so good to see!

Great initiative, let´s take this event by storm! A Hivean storm :)

Hivean storm, I like that!

Very cool! Let's do it!! I recognize our own @coruscate in that picture! (First woman in from the right.)

My tweet:

Thanks Jayna! By the way, great to see you active on Hive!

Thanks, @anomadsoul. New stomping grounds! I'm hoping for drama to be replaced by great blogging, curating, community support and growth.

Done! And highlighted the projects we’ve got going on here!

Good thinking, exposure for the projects!

Retweeted, and here is mine:

Its done!

maybe some of this promo-hive videos can help :)

or this one


Love this initiative!
Here's my tweet -

We've got to do this as a community. Let's get big..


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