Proposal for Hive Meetup in Canada eh !

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Hey.... Hive Canadians .... Hive Ontarians ???

How about a Hive-Meetup here in Ontario ?

I propose we have a Hive Meet at the Killarney Mountain Lodge in Killarney Ontario Canada - Georgian Bay, Lake Huron... it’s only a few hours from Toronto.

I will post more details below ...

We can have team building hikes in the world famous Killarney Provincial Park.

I will give a talk on the History of Killarney village and also give Group of Seven Painting Lessons. Bring your brushes. It is the most beautiful place on earth. Satoshi Nakamoto might even attend.

What do you think ? Take a look and let me know ...


I can coordinate everything from here in Killarney. **


Killarney Mountain Lodge Photo Gallery (Images source) :





** Subject to availability and interest. Does anybody read all the way to the end any more ?

FYI: @roelandp @blocktrades @drakos etc etc....


Hey offgrid,

cool place you found!

I had SteemFest 5 already a bit in the works but then !drama unfolded. Now with Covid19 I am looking first at how that evolves a bit longer and think it would be great to reschedule to a couple of months after the original "november"-timing to see how Planet Earth looks by then.

I'm inclined to go with @swarmfest (or maybe @hivefest :))

Obviously everyone is free and encouraged to organise a Hive meetup!

Ok. I will see if I can do a test run here in Killarney with all the Cannucks. A year even this August ... might be some good deals.

I haven't been to Killarney in years! Emerald like is a beauty. I camped, portaged and hiked there for the last time in October 1994 just before moving to Europe! It was below zero at night but we still went swimming!

Big changes at the Mountain Lodge .... an internet Billionaire bought it in 2015 and adds new Log Buildings every year. It’s incredible.

Thanks man.... see you there.

If no interest from Hive maybe we can just do a smaller Canadian Hive Swarm.


Here is my Twitter #hive #posh tweet to my 11,000 + Followers....

It's really a nice place for a hivefest.
I never participated in any steemfest because of financial problems but I hope I can make it to hivefest if the prices near that $1 mark.

Yeah... this place is really nice.

I love Killarney! Great idea!!!

Maybe it will just be me and you there... more beer for us..... lots of Canadians here on Hive.