I don't know how boost work in hive platform??!!

in #hivelast year


I really don't know how boost 😕 works in hive.

I tried using this feature on my last blogs but thy return back the boost points I tried to use.
So if any one know what is the problem with my blogs please tell me what is the roles I must follow to be eligible to use this feature.
I was very happy with this feature, and it makes me feel choose hive over steemit
As my platform of use.
But know I don't know what I must do to make it work.

I will be glad if anyone tells me what to do to make it work again with my blogs.



Only quality posts that show some effort receive boost votes. A couple of photos with 50-100 words or more will usually receive a boost.

I think @melinda010100
Give you the best answer here...

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It just happened to me as well, dunno why

boost in the sense like getting upvoted by ecency with your points .

Yay! 🤗
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