Moving to Hive!

in #hive3 years ago

Hello everyone!


Alot has been happening with Steemit and Steem in the past weeks.

As most of you alread know, some of the community members stood up to the opression that steemit inc. and co were practicing over the users and the whole platform.
All of this resulted in a similar situation to BTC and BCH, a hard fork of Steem and the a new token and platform #Hive

Personaly, I fully support the Hive hardfork and would like, with this post, to thank the ones who took the iniciative and made this possible.

In hopes of a better user experience and less opressed platform, I will be moving my blog from Steemit to Hive.

If you wanna learn more about #Hive please cheak out the announcement post

Kind regards, OZ


Well let's see how it fairs community vs centralisation of a coin project. Both will be starting off equally so it will be interesting to see how they change and grow over the coming months

no, they dont start off equally, the steemit inc. had a superminer at the very start and even restarted the blockchain once cos their miner chrashed while they were sleeping, but yes, lets see:)

I don't mean like that I mean the equally compete for the user base

yeas, that is true, lets see which one wins more users