Important info to those receiving support from PH-SUPPORT and PH curation trail [DO NOT RESTEEM]

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A few months ago, our project.hope community was targeted on HIVE blockchain by a few large "whales". After weeks of receiving heavy downvotes, many of our members (including myself) decided to move out from HIVE and focus mostly on Steemit. PH then ceased to exist, and I personally do not want to have much to do with HIVE blockchain as I consider it to be very toxic and full of aggressive people.

Regardless of my personal feelings, I've decided NOT to power down and AVOID selling all HIVE which I had on my personal account as well as on ph-support. I could easily trade it all and move my resources to Steem, which I did not do.

Instead, I've made the decision to continue supporting the content of those Project.hope members, who decided to continue posting on HIVE blockchain and who I also consider to be active members of our community. I've asked all of them to use #piotr tag, which would allow me to spot those posts and place an upvote.


I believe that it is time to REMIND everyone who is posting with #piotr tag about a few NECESSARY CONDITIONS which I would need you all to meet in order to receive support from me on your posts published here on HIVE.

Let me start by pointing out that the total voting power behind project.hope, crypto.piotr, ph-support and our curation trail are still at around 500k Hive Power. I'm also closely collaborating with @Lupa who is managing his own curation trail. I think it's fair to say that our total voting power currently exceeds 700k HP. Considering the current price of HIVE, the received upvotes can bring really decent rewards.

But I need to make it clear that not every post published with #piotr tag will receive our support. Some conditions need to be met and today I would like to share/remind them. Especially since some of our members seemed to have forgotten about them already.

1) posts related to Project.hope topics will always be prioritized

I think that's quite obvious. I would like you all to focus on adding #piotr tag mostly on those publications which are related to topics of my personal interests:

  • technology,
  • blockchain,
  • artificial intelligence
  • machine learning
  • economy,
  • business,
  • marketing, psychology, etc.
    Posts in ENGLISH ONLY.

If anyone would like to add the #piotr tag to publications not related to those topics - please contact me via Discord first and let's talk about it. I will see what I can do and my support to non-related publications will be granted on an individual basis. It will greatly depend on the author's level of engagement within the PH community (I like to use managed resources to support our most active members).

2) CORE TEAM MEMBERS will be prioritized

I think it is quite obvious that I will focus on supporting content published by PH core team members. It doesn't mean that I won't upvote posts published with #piotr tag by people who are not part of our core team. However, I may not always have enough voting power to upvote all publications, and whenever it does happen - I will prioritize those who are part of our core team.
I believe it's quite fair and straightforward.

3) THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE TO FOLLOW: Grow your HP. Don't DUMP all your rewards

As I've mentioned above - I could power down all HIVE, sell it with decent profits and move most of it to Steem. But I DID NOT do it.

Instead, I'm still using to lease a solid amount of Hive Power and I continue renewing my already dleased HP. It's a process in which I'm slowly losing some of the managed resources. Simply because received curation rewards are not enough to cover the cost of renewing dleased HP. So the entire process is bringing small but constant losses.

Therefore, with each month I'm losing out part of HIVE resources and I'm okay with that since I'm able to upvote the content of many people. People, which I value and I want to support.

However, my ultimate goal is to ensure that this little "sacrifice" will not go for nothing. That it's not wasted. And unfortunately, sometimes this is how I feel whenever I see some authors dumping all received liquid rewards (while powering down and also dumping their HP as well).

I do not want to create additional SELLING pressure on HIVE blockchain. Regardless of how I feel about this place, my intention is not to try to bring its price to lower levels. On the contrary - I hope both chains (steem and hive) will do well. Therefore, supporting people who sell all received rewards is a BIG NO for me.

THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT and I hope I'm making myself very clear here.

My expectations are quite straightforward:

  • use your liquid rewards for your private purposes (cover your living expenses, medical bills, etc)
  • power down the remaining part and all powered down HIVE use to grow your Hive Power via (if you don't know what is it and how to use it, then contact me or @Lupa)

The idea is quite simple and straightforward: I want to continue to build a "middle class" on HIVE and I want part of your resources to be "LOCKED" (long term timeframe). By renting HP and renewing existing dleased contracts you will naturally keep half of your earnings "locked" within HIVE blockchain and you will be growing your voting power.

Assuming that most of those who post with #piotr tag will follow this strategy - we will reach a win-win scenario in which you will be able to support each other in the nearest future with decent upvotes. Upvotes, which will be only growing in strength.


Those are the 3 "rules" which I would like you guys to follow if you're planning to add #piotr tag to your posts (in order to receive solid upvotes). As much as I will still be quite flexible with point 1 and 2, I need to underline that the 3rd one NEEDS to be followed.

This is the MOST CRUCIAL RULE to follow and I will be increasingly strict about it.

By the end of each month, I will be collecting data of HP of everyone who is posting with #piotr tag and comparing to previous months. This will allow me to monitor which users are following those guidelines (and growing their accounts by renting/dleasing more HP via

Hopefully, I've made all my points in this post clear and easy to understand :)


Please confirm reading this post in the comment section below. No long comments are needed. If anyone has any questions - please contact me directly via Discord. I won't be replying here on Hive, since all my comments are heavily downvoted by a few hostile large-stakeholders.


Do not resteem that publication. I will share it directly with all PH members via discord. There is no need to attract unwanted attention to this publication.

Cheers, @crypto.piotr

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