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RE: How to use your witness votes the most effectively (and why you have been doing it wrong)

in #hive4 months ago (edited)

abit, smooth and nextgencrypto all have been out of the top 20 occasionally.

You accused me of never having voted from the bottom, and showed yourself that I'm doing exactly that since more or less two years.

You're a bad troll. Just leave the facts away as you usually do.


Well, it's true that you changed your tactic around 2020. I am not stalking your account, didn't realize that you changed the approach and should have checked your votes before I made my comment.

That does not make me a troll.

It's easily verifiable though.

It was. I proved you wrong.
You doubled down on your nonsense and now that I have evidence to call you out, you attack me personally.
I should have anticipated that, though.

The hypocricy is unbearable. I demand you wear a covid mask during the whole of Hivefest.

You verified that I'm doing what I posted about since 2 years. I learned to tie my shoes right 3 years ago, and I still can recommend this video so others learn from what I learned.

You made it on my troll list now, because you keep creeping out claiming shit and moving goal posts later. And you made it personal by claiming I wouldn't practice what I say. I always had some respect for your investigative mind, but there's no substance, you're just throwing shit.

You are on my troll list ever since you insulted me publicly.

So much publicly that the only person who remembers it is you. Judging by the prior conversation I assume it's been more than 3 years, but who cares.
My time is too scarce to spend it watching and reacting to trolls, so I guess we're breaking the circle of insults here.

Not before I call you a hypocrite one more time for good measure.

Whatever makes you happy. I wish you all the best!

You will still see me at Hivefest.

I'll avoid you best as I can, though, promise.