Over 100 people notified of mistakes

in #hive11 months ago

I look out for various mis-spellings of the #proofofbrain tag. So far I have notified 111 people of their mistakes. Each person will only be told once to avoid creating too many comments. I leave them a (tiny) vote too. Some people have been generous with votes on the comments and any rewards will stay powered up for now.

One person did say they deliberately used #proofofbrian, but I would not expect many to be doing that.

The bot has been running in Jupyter Notebook and only during the day so far, but there is a plan to move it to a Raspberry Pi so it can be running all the time.

This all started as an experiment in creating a bot for fun, but it seems it has been useful to a lot of people. Hive has a lot of non-English speakers who are likely to get the spelling wrong, but I have caught out lots of people who should know it.

I welcome suggestions on what could be improved. I could branch out into looking for other tags if that is useful.

Merry Xmas!


Interesting use of a Raspberry Pi. Have you posted the code anywhere.

The code is here. The migration to Pi is being worked on right now.

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