500 delegated! Those getting in early will be happy!

I couldn’t agree more

Yeah! Happy to delegate to PsyberX! Looking for perks later on! More power to you!

Everyone will get perks later on for the contributions

You should vote at least 10 times per day, so you can multiply that equation 10x of votes delivered.

Absolutely! Great idea

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seo links & a Psyber Sects link Please forgive me as I must share a bit about Psyber-X a first person shooter (fps #fps #firstpersonshooter) and it is play to earn (p2e #p2e #playtoearn) with NFTs (#nft) blockchain gaming (#blockchaingaming) on the Hive (#hive) blockchain (#blockchain) and recently cross chain bridged (#crosschainbridge) to Avalanche (#avax #avalanche)

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Delegating is a great idea for the community to support your upcoming game.
And we will get rewarded for doing this , that’s awesome!

This looks amazing! Looking forward to seeing this develop and playing with you all in the future!
Have a slice of !PIZZA

@psyberx! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @dibblers.dabs.

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I'll Delegate some soon.