First-time Roasting a whole Chicken

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After Dinner...

Oven Roasted Chicken

What's for dinner? How about this mouth-watering, Oven Roasted Chicken. It turned out to be super moist and delicious. Made some Alfredo noodles and corn to go with it.

Gravy Mix...

That isn't the corn and noodles! 🤨 That is the heart, liver, and neckbone gravy mix for my dog's dinner 😁 My dog is pregnant and needs the extra protein. She is spoiled rotten. But, she is a good dog. I would have to say that she is the best-behaved dog I have ever had.

All Mixed-Up...

She is going to love her dinner. I love my dog so much, she is not just my pet, she is family. I take care of my family. When my family needs a good meal I make them one! I made a roux really quick, and gravied her up!

Dinner Is Served...

Well, I think she likes it. She ate until she just couldn't eat anymore. We took her for a walk before dinner... We should have waited until after dinner. She needs the exercise with being pregnant and all...

Time to Rest...

Now to let the food settle. Time for Guinevere to take a nap. Her babies are growing so fast. I can't wait for her to have her puppies. They are going to so beautiful, just like her! She is a mommy's girl 💯 Puppies are due between March 12th-19th. I will keep everyone updated on Guinevere's pregnancy.

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Have a Safe and Blessed day...


I love this dog so much! She is the smartest dog I have ever met, and even "speaks" to you when she is angry, she knows the names of all of her "things" and is so proud to show them to you! I can't wait to see meet the puppies! #hivepets

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