Adapting to the digital and social social✔️

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😷 In the context of the crisis the world is facing this year, the role of social platforms is only increasing.

The reason is simple, the availability of infrastructure that helps government agencies, especially health companies, coordinate measures to help, support and alert citizens.

In addition, social media is becoming an indispensable tool for easing isolation and making new connections.

Business was one of the first to take the blow of the pandemic, and many companies decided to revise their plans for digital transformation and restructuring of business processes💡

Digital Agency Req & Doc offers 3 ways that organizations can embrace and adjust their business strategies:

⚔️ Use social media to keep in touch with customers (Facebook, Tiktok, etc.)
⚔️ Experiment with social interaction with customers
⚔️ Use the lessons of the present to build the future (remote work, expanding online services, analytics of customer behavior on the Internet)

Best regards, Req & Doc!

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