Brands: new world 🌎

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The most important research questions are still the relationship between people and business, which has changed significantly over the past 1️⃣0️⃣ years.

This is most likely due to the arrival of Generation Z, which emphasize the values behind brands. An Accenture survey found that over 63% of people who are active online want brands to voice their opinions on certain topics in public life.

⚜️ We see the result today, the majority of large companies began to pay more attention to world events.

There are 2 trends in how brands position themselves:

➖ Сorporate sphere is - shift towards the consumer. Companies are actively adopting b2b2c models, and communications are increasingly focused on the end consumer.

➖ Consumer sphere - transition to the “One brand” principle. Beautiful packaging and marketing slogans are no longer enough, consumers want to know what ideas and people are behind a brand and if they can associate themselves with this brand.

The quarantine showed that companies that appeal directly to the end consumer and are able to develop their brand in new directions without eroding its value were less affected by the crisis and were able to quickly adjust to new realities.