Brief or terms of reference

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Clients often face difficulties when ordering a particular document. This is due to the substitution of concepts or the lack of a clear understanding of the differences between one document and another.

Let's consider the terms of reference and the brief separately 👇🏻

🔰 Terms of reference is a fairly strict document consisting of several dozen pages (depending on the specific task), and describing in detail the operation of the site, for example.

Clients sometimes do not want to waste time on drawing up such a document, so the contractor takes all the trouble of creating it, explaining all the points and changing it if necessary.

🔰 Brief is a summary of the basic requirements for a site, what and where should be, lists of sections, etc. As a rule, the size of a document does not exceed 1-2 pages.

This is a document that the client can compose himself, without having technical knowledge and wasting a lot of time.

✅ You can find a description of the documents and their purpose on the official website of Req & Doc.

Read about the brief here: