Company development strategies 📃

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Long-term development of the company requires a strategic plan, which is drawn up on the basis of goals, objectives, directions and specifics of activities.

📝 The correct approach to planning can be a powerful tool that allows quickly responding to market changes (new technologies, unforeseen factors, etc.)

How do companies shape their development strategy in practice❓

Let's look at the statistics for 2020:

➖ 35% of companies have formed a strategy only in 2020
➖ 22% in 2019
➖ 18% more than 1.5 years ago
➖ 12% over 3 years ago
➖ 7% don't have a strategy
➖ 6% over 5 years ago

Slightly more than a third of companies have developed a strategy for their development in 2020. Perhaps this is due to the spread of the pandemic.

Interestingly, the development strategy of 25% of companies is designed for 1 year or less🔻