Functional requirements

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📝Functional requirements are a list of actions that a system must perform. Also, it should be indicated how the system reacts to input data, how it behaves under certain circumstances, how it should or should not react to events.

If we are talking about setting tasks for developers, then each element should be considered, since the timing of implementation will depend on this 🔍 Anything that is not specified in the functional requirements will be done at the discretion of the developer, and this is fraught with a discrepancy with the customer's ideas.

Requirements should contain answers to all possible questions on a specific task 🧾All this helps the customer to think over and clearly formulate all scenarios of user interaction with interfaces within the framework of the task.

The more accurately the task is set and the more details the developers have before starting work, the more efficiently the work goes. Everything is in the black: developers get a clear understanding of what and how to do, and the task supplier gets the work done exactly as he imagined it.

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