✔️Justification for the development

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Before throwing all the efforts and resources into creating a project, one should answer the question: "Is it really necessary to create a project, and what benefits will it bring us❓"

A feasibility study will help us with this, which is a calculation and assessment of the economic feasibility of the proposed project.

➡️ The feasibility study is based on the assessment of costs and benefits, establishing the efficiency of use, payback periods and, most importantly, risks.

The documents that will be included in the feasibility study of the project / product will confirm or deny the need for the planned activities📖 Calculations and comparison of all financial indicators, features of the technical plan, indicators will help us with this.

Features of the feasibility study:

🔎 Created to introduce new technologies, processes and equipment in an existing organization
🔎 The feasibility study provides information on the reasons for choosing the proposed technologies, processes and solutions adopted in the project, the results from their implementation and economic calculations of efficiency.

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Examples and descriptions of works are indicated on the official website: https://reqndoc.com/products/justification-for-the-development