Day 15 of lockdown and bought my 1st HIVE coin

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It's been 15 days of lockdown or MCO (Movement Control Order) and things seems not have been improving much. Studies suggested that, we will be most likely extend MCO but our Ministry of Health is unable to give further comments up until on the April 10th.

In the photo, I had extra time to surf and dig more about HIVE thanks to the lockdown.

For the past three weeks of MCO, I am starting to observe SMEs will begin experiencing tougher financial challenge this April here in Malaysia. Unable to sustain salary payment is going to be the main challenge. Banks and money lender is unable to provide loans because companies are not performing. The government is unable to provide financial support because people well-being comes first. I pity the business owners but this is a hard time, being alive is much more important than profit and loss.

I anticipate, if MCO continues for another 2 weeks, by the early of May, we will see huge number of SME will close down and the number of jobless increase. Hopefully, before that happen, government will step forward to boost assistance to these SMEs.

Enough said, let's just continue doing our part to tackle this pandemic.

Now, despite on lockdown, well what do you know? I bought my first HIVE coins. After months of cooling down from this world, I managed to spend a little time to play around with HIVE.

The method of buying is pretty much the same with Steem (at least here in Malaysia). I bought bitcoin via Luno(our local exchanger) and transffered via @blocktrades. So far, the fees are quite cheap (but please make it more cheaper, Lol!)

Next, I'm going trying to swap Steem-Hive token and see how it goes. Will share my experience as soon I made a successful swap. Any of you have experience on this part, do share.

I just found out that the HIVE air drop was automatically given through mirroring. Lol!

Honestly, I got confused with Steem-Hive application at first and still a little bit confuse now. Lol!


I hope you enjoy our new decentralized community ✌️ there’s an exchange called “probit” where you can find less amounts of hive for sale , usually for a cheaper price than Bittrex.
Cheers buddy

Thanks buddy, will check it out and stay safe

You too my friend. Take this dump today as an opportunity to buy ;)