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The popular Hive project Hive SBI, @steembasicincome, just created a DAO token. The Hive SBI DAO token showed up yesterday on Hive Engine with no fanfare.

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Hive SBI DAO token symbol

There has been no official announcement on what specific purpose a DAO might serve for the HSBI project. The linked website, hivesbi.com, makes no mention of the DAO at this time. None of the 21,000,000 max SBI DAO tokens have been issued. There are also no open trades on the Hive Engine market. When asked to comment, the HSBI team said, "Decentralized governance is the best path forward for Hive SBI. We hope to safely transition to fully decentralized governance."

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Disclosure: I own SBI units and contribute code to the project


Announcement forthcoming untitled.gif🔥