We're already at the 60,000 death mark!

in #hive3 years ago

So clearly we're past the 60,000 mark. The models and predictions were wrong! I don't even believe that we're at the peak yet. The way things are going, we're looking at at least another 60,000 deaths easily. The curve is not flattening, the graph is not coming down. Today alone there were about 2500 deaths in the US.

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 12.06.25 AM.png

Here is the article from when Trump and Fauci said we would mostly end up at the 60,000 death mark in the US.

I'm still surprised and pissed that some states have decided to reopen and some are planning to very soon. If we open too soon, we will hit 200k for sure. Let's not hurry up. Let's keep the economy in the back seat and save lives!

Hope we all get out of this alive and well!


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