What no warning, no second chance? Really Steemit/Hive?

in #hive4 years ago

I had posted this in my Steem blog as an appeal to my account being marked as spam. Cross posting it here so someone can help me with this mess.

So I have been blocked by a couple of spam bots on steemit. All my posts are hidden now because of low ratings. I have 2 red icons next to my user id, I put up an apology post to the community here, joined the discord and asked them what I did wrong and yet after all this, NOTHING CHANGED!

So, #steemit, I expect you to tell me exactly what I did wrong to deserve this and even if I did do something wrong, no warning? No second chance? Very unfair steemit, very very wrong!

The people over at the discord channel say that to get rid of the ban, the user needs to post an OC post every day for the next 365 DAYS! You really think people are that jobless, steemit? Or has the power of being a moderator just got to your heads? There are tons of other platforms that are more reasonable and will actually act rationally who have a good user base where you can get paid for writing, so dear steemit, you will lose out on your user base. Trust me!

Just because you're the first to the market, doesn't mean you will win!


My recommendation: create a new account and post OC there. It won't get automatically added to spaminator and you'll be able to interact naturally. Obviously if you spam or steal content again it will add you again.

Also, the owners of spaminator are not Steemit Inc. Steemit is a company. Spaminator is run by witnesses and volunteers from hivewatchers, previously steemcleaners, community.

well the point is, I still haven't found a reason why I was added to the spam lists. I can very easily do that (create new accounts) but what is the guarantee that this doesn't happen to the other accounts? I feel like there's a bias here and I want to prove it.