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Currently there isn't much prompting people to fill out their profile, many organically find it by exploring the site, if they get that far.
It would be awesome to see peakd.com (@jarvie & @asgarth) and hive.blog (@quochuy) add a check if profile is blank to prompt to "fill out your profile" like many other social sites.


This post was inspired by this post I came across yesterday,

Alot of ideas started bouncing around in my head in regards to it...

There is a lot of information that could also be included as part of the wizard, like entering some starter tags to follow, communities to join, etc.... Prompting for x y & z information, etc... The whole process should take no more then 10 minutes, but definitely able to include more then just a basic profile information.

A starting point ( react based ) for ideas....


What other things could this wizard include?


We do have plans for new users and we're just falling behind on our new feature development because of all the time put into working on testnet.peakd.com and helping with the features of HF25

I can't believe I didn't scroll up... :-X

W00t w00t. Thanks for taking it into consideration.

Edit: fixed @quochuy tag. But wasn't sure he would get a notification on an edit. ^>^

Yes you do get notification on creation and each edit :-)

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