Proposal for the hive Airdrop [my story]

in #hive3 years ago

First of all I want to say that there should be more than these 3 options!

For my case I didn't know I was voting for bad people, throughout my existing on the community I always heard people talking about the witnesses are the good guys and trying to improve our community.... I grew up thinking that way, so when I heard that there's a person who is trying to overcome the steem community, I saw a message from berrnie saying we must vote for witnesses to save steem and we have to fill all of our 30 slot, so I did, I went to the voting list and voted randomly on bunch of them (expect the witnesses I already know like gtg, blocktrades.....) I even made a promotion for the new blockchain among the arab community (made a video and it's still on my blog). After I got excluded from the hive Airdrop, I start searching for the problem, then I knew it's because of voting for bad witnesses, I didn't know which are which, so I went to remove my votes!!

Hope someone read this and tell me what he thinks! Thanks!!


Maybe @gtg will help you somehow. I know you for a long time and you did your best to be valuable to the community. Maybe you should link the video or the post with your drawing and show how many people who are here you drew. I don't know all the details about what happen to your account, but I know that you weren't that active in those days. I hope they will give you the chance.

Thank you very much clix, you've been a real supporter since the day I knew you, and still standing by my side, thanks brother, I just read a comment of gtg saying they will give us a chance to make individual proposals me and few other users! 😊
For the video I think I will make another one with voice over.