Trying to to explain how I messed up and caused my self excluded from the hive Airdrop.

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All right let's just make this clear once and forever.

First of all I just want to let you know that I don't have any idea about politics or how it goes, I don't know how the mechanism of this blockchain works, I don't know what exactly the role of the witnesses, I pretty much know nothing about how this all thing goes. so hear this out.

Due to some personal problems I wasn't around steem for like 6 months, In this period the steem blockchain knew a massive change, someone bought steemit and tried to hurt or harm the Steem blockchain.

For people like me who don't know anything about all of this, when I came back I heard people talking about saving steem by voting for Witnesses. I didn't know what that means but I tried my best to contribute and save the thing I love which is steem, and so I did. I went to vote for witnesse. I was voting for like 20 Witness and I had few votes left, so I started voting randomly on other Witnesses, unknowing that there were bad witnesses among the others!

After that I saw a post of @blocktrades talking about taking a step against what was going on, and there I showed my support.
My intention was good! I was trying to help with what I could, I thought that by voting for Witnesses I'm helping Steem and fighting the man who's trying to harm steem.
If not knowing or not having a knowledge about what's going on here is a crime or something that can disqualify a person from getting the Airdrop then I'm okay with it, but if not then I hope I get the Hive airdrop, since I want to migrate with my friends to the new blockchain. I have nothing left to do here.

Meanwhile I'm powering down my steem, trying to immigrate to hive.


It's sad to know that there are cases like yours but I suppose that very probably you won't perceive the airdrop, there have been also cases between the korean community which plays in splinterlands (a steem game if you don't know it) that didn't received the airdrop for voting that witnesses.

Anyways I hope that someone could read this and help you with your problem, but as I said, I really doubt it. Sorry mate.

Thank you for your time mate, really appreciate it!