My apology for plagiarism

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My apology for plagiarism
Am truly, truly sorry for misconduct and to be honest it wasn't my intentions to plagiarize at all, although this is a fair warning from @hivewatchers to me i see as a way of reaching out to me in a way to put me back on track so as to be very observant on referencing,i will say thank you for that,but please i ask for pardon as such mistakes will never be repeated again and here am i apologizing to the entire hive community to please see me as a child who is always ready to learn and to take corrections. This is a well deserved fair warning and am truly ready to do the needful and stand in truty from now on, please my wonderful community accept my apologies, below is what I did wrong,posts i failed to give the due accolade or reference to,,,,,, all in sports daily social community,thanks for correcting me and am so grateful to have been spotted out for such an important correction,thanks and stay blessed


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