Is the HIVE Community interested in SECURITY topics regarding blockchain, smart contracts, passwords, private keys etc.?

in #hive4 years ago (edited)

After the move to HIVE and these Corona times, I've decided to get back into posting and am stuck between topics. What do you think the HIVE community would be most interested in?

  • Blockchain Security (including Smart Contracts)
  • Blockchain in General
  • Mainly HIVE
  • Cyber and private Security
  • anything else?

Mainly I want to talk about Blockchain and Smart Contract Security. As a cyber security professional I believe to be able to provide the most value to everyone on HIVE. Along I could give security advice e.g. for passwords or private keys, seeds etc.

Just not quite sure whether this place values such more in-depth information or something else?



You did write steemit. Not sure we care about the steemit community :p

Old habbit haha edited it out thanks for the info!