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RE: What do we want from content?

in #hive2 years ago

What do I want for content?

I want a lot of content, different content. High quality content, but also spam content. Just all kinds of content that are available on social media, all the things that people put into the world.

And I want content from many different people. I want diverse perspectives and no herd leaders who dictate the opinion.

That is also what massively disturbs me on this platform. Since I've been spending a lot of time on this platform for a few weeks now, I keep coming across the same names over and over again. Especially in the trending area. And often I don't really see the uniqueness of the content, but a high stake that creates this position on the platform. For the normal user of social media this is probably a mostly frustrating experience, because he notices how messed up the attention mechanisms of this platform work.

What do I care if someone has a stake of X? I'm interested in content from people who have very specific views and are not interested in making a business out of their mental effusions. I have nothing against business, but in my experience business changes the way things work. People become greedy, jealous and optimize their sources of income.

I know the answer seems a bit out of context now, but this is my answer to the question what kind of content I want.

Let's see if there's any long-term changes or if the same ones dominate the trending pages here. In this case you don't have a chance to build up a great reach in the long run anyway, because the content of the social media is the main part of it.

In this sense


good point! Perhaps it will get better with more users?

I don't know, I didn't sign up with Steemit at the time because I saw too many negative aspects. They are not gone here on the platform and they are at the heart of the system. I think we would have to rework these algorithms so that the payout is not the only basis.