Steemexplorers is rebranding to Hiveexplorers

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Steemexplorers is rebranding to Hiveexplorers


The steemexplorers account will be returning and doing so on the Hive platform but we will be rebranding our name to become in line with this new blog site.

The new account name will be called @hiveexplorers and all free SBI daily share giveaways of the new HBI will be conducted there.

@hiveexplorers was just created today so please follow the new account if you wish to continue to participate in our giveaways and also allow us some time to get everything converted over and up and running.

We appreciate your patient and your willingness to return to our accounts and we look forward to serving you once again in this new Hive venture.


@steemexplorers and @hiveexploreres are owned and operated by @jonnyla08