Oh my god... The witness list... They're real people! 🤩

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No, Seriously, Look At It!


Hive Has People

Real, actual people!
Man, it's kinda nuts how refreshing that is to see :^)

Next Up: More Development!
This is only the beginning! We still need more innovation, discussion, and development. If you thought that this fork would be as simple as "log-in & you're set", you're wrong. We need to immediately start building something better. Sorry everyone, no rests! ( ok, actually, everyone go take a nap, we'll start again in the morning )

Where I come in:
I'm of course going to be writing more posts, making more content, and bringing a slew of dapps over to Hive. In addition to supporting this platform with my content, I'll try my best to promote it wherever I can.

Where YOU come in:
This part is up to you. Unlike before, I won't be encouraging you to do anything you don't want to do. If you believe in decentralized communities, if you want a platform that is open to input, if you want a next-generation blockchain ride, than I can recommend you pay attention to Hive.
But, I'm not forcing you to go anywhere you're unsure of. Just keep your eyes open. Do your research. Go with your mind, your gut, your heart... or your eyes.

See You Soon :^)

Happy Hiving!

💜 ❤️


and people that don't push tron down your throat 😏

You know, that you mention it, my throat is filling a bit less congested now ;^)

Indeed! I reviewed and changed my witnesses back to what they were before the whole mess-of-events-event.

Onboarding and content that is not crypto/hive seems like prio for what could be beneficial for growth. I'll try to contribute with going beyond thinking I should make a post weekly to actually write a post weekly :)

That'd be a great contribution! I agree, more non-crypto posts would help bring in the masses :^)