@swap.app: trade Steem <-> Hive with just few clicks (also Hive -> BTC in testing)

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@swap.app is a service that allows you to quickly exchange your Steem / Hive tokens with just few clicks. It is still in development so be sure to follow @swap.app to get the latest updates :)
Exchange Rates

@swap.app makes actual trades on the crypto exchanges so it uses market prices to determinate swap ratio and by this how many tokens will be sent to the user. The total fee is 0.7% and this includes all exchange fees and withdrawal fees.

Swap Time

The whole process takes few seconds so it can save you ton of time. No need to wait for deposits, withdrawals, looking for best price etc. It's all automated :)

Currently Supported Pairs:

Steem -> Hive
To trade your Steem to Hive, send Steem to @swap.app with memo: hive
Hive -> Steem
To trade your Hive to Steem, send Hive to @swap.app with memo: steem
Hive-> HBD
To trade your Hive to HBD, send Hive to @swap.app with memo: hbd
HBD -> Hive
To trade your HBD to Hive, send Hive to @swap.app with memo: hive

The Hive <-> HBD pair has fee of 0.1% as the exchange is happening on the internal market.

Currently In Testing:

Hive / Steem -> BTC
It is now possible to swap your Hive / Steem directly to BTC, that will be sent to your BTC wallet.

To do this, send Hive / Steem to @swap.app with memo: btc btc_address where btc_address is the address of your BTC wallet. For example:
btc 1CgufLoDKssJM4af2tZPt2iYWFnVdJVhXd

You can encrypt the memo so your BTC address won't be visible to others. To do this, simply add # at the start of your memo, for example:
#btc 1CgufLoDKssJM4af2tZPt2iYWFnVdJVhXd.

You can also use BTC deposit address from crypto-exchange, that you are using.

The swap operation happens on crypto exchanges so the swap uses market prices.

The fee for the operation is 0.7% and withdrawal fee is only 0.0001 BTC - which is really good, as most exchanges take at least 0.0004 - which is 4 times higher! This makes @swap.app very competitive compared to crypto exchanges.

BTC -> Hive
This one is coming soon but first we're gonna need to launch dedicated website, which is also in development :)

Feel free to join @swap.app discord: https://discord.gg/T6dydXy if you have any questions or need support.
See you soon!

Thanks I made a transaction to test. :)
Very nice it worked.
I'm only six years old and I made it alone, very easy.
Before to change steem to hive my father had to help, but not this time. :)

You are such a smart kid 😃

I am happy with your comment. :)
I like your voting strength that helped me.

Nice progress since your very first post on steemit : Apr 17, 2019 Jimbo The kid of Steemit

Glad to see you're still active, GG both to you and your dad.

Thanks a lot @itharagaian. My Dad say thanks too
I'm very proud and happy. :)

Awesome! 👍

is the memo really sbd and not hbd?

Hive-> HBD
To trade your Hive to HBD, send Hive to @swap.app with memo: sbd

Thanks, fixed :)

Amazing!!! Yes yes Hive to the Moon!!

Thanks for the tool.

Steem to Hive has been wonderful for me was able to instantly trade Steem for Hive right after power downs.

Oh wow! This is a great update! Thanks for sharing

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This is awesome would you in future support things like SE token convertibility too?

You mean HE?:)

Lol you’re not wrong there

Simplicity at its finest

It worked for me from Steem to Hive. You really did a great job

I tried my 5HBD> hive. I got it in seconds only! Thanks! By the way, how much was the conversion? I forgot the exact amount of the remaining balance before it was added.

Note: Shared and reblogged!

Easy breezy, fast and easy!
Converted Steem to Hive in minutes!💸💱💸

Awesome service and addition to Hive!👍
Upv & Rehived! @swap.app

Very nice service @swap.app / @cardboard! I have used it several times, without any problems. I think the rates are fair, so overall well done! 👍

As a little assist, there is a typo you may wish to edit:

First sentence: "@swpa.app is a service ..." => "@swap.app is a service ..."

Learn me for get many vote bos🙏

This a very nice piece! Thank you

@tipu do you have also investment in #blurt?

Nope, didn't even login there :)

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It's seem nice apps to try...